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There is really no quote that stands out to me in this book. It is really boring  and it is really out of the ordinary. It jumps from one thing that is out of the ordinary, to something else that is even more out of the ordinary.  But I guess that is just how the story goes, jumping from one thing to the next, to make it really hard to understand.


Free Response

Even though this book is hard to understand, I really don’t like it . It skips from one story to a totally different story. I think its just me that doesn’t understand it, somebody else might, but I don’t so I don’t like this book.


Like I said in the last post, this book that I am reading is very confusing to understand. It just skips through a whole lot of different stories in people’s lives that I can’t keep up. So I don’t really have any soundtrack for this book, but if I did would be something like a family who has a bad life but it gets better type of song.

Soundtrack Day

I just  read a little bit of Chapter 28 of To Kill a Mockingbird, and with what I  read I don’t  know if there is a soundtrack that would go with this song. The only part of the book that I read would be the part where Jem, Scout, and Cecil all go to the  auditorium for a show for all the people in Maycomb. But as I said I don’t have a song to go with the book. Hopefully I will read enough to find something out.


I just finished Chapter 26 of To Kill a Mockingbird, and I think that Scout will learn more about democracy, and even though she is upset about how black people were treated so badly.